Sabado, Mayo 19, 2012

Puno-Espiritu / Papa P. / Page 01-04

Mike/Ang Pagtatapat/Page01-03

K.Areopagita / Tagapaghanap / Pages 1-9

Francis and Patrick Concepcion / ManilaMMXII A Divine Comedy / Pages 01-07

Mica Agregado / So Much for Pathos / Page 01-07

Read up to down for this page at the bottom.

Amjie / On the Other Side / Page1-8

Trizha Ko / Fraulein / Pages 01 to 04

NeilKevinRoss/ The Life of Atom/ cover and page 1

Yeehun / Hello / Pages 01 to 04

acuña / A DARK DESIRE FOR DEATH'S DUST/ pages 000-007

[dear anyone interested, i shared the process at the carcosite. salamat.]

Andrew Villar / AMBUSH: End of Time / Cover, Pages 001-007, End credits

Argin Lerit / The Never-Ending -Urk! / Cover, Page 01 to 40

Biyernes, Mayo 18, 2012

The Komixathon Themes

After enough people brought up the use of a theme as safeguard from enterprising komikeros possibly sending in stuff already done before the event proper, we the organisers have decided it best to acquiesce, thus this list.

You are encouraged to use at least FOUR concepts from this list. You can mix and match these concepts in whatever way you want. And if you feel like you're up to it, you can use all of them.

These concepts are meant to be generative, to give komikeros ideas of what to do in their 24-hour komix, meaning you don't have to follow everything to the letter - read these words, look at the empty page, and see what you can come up with.

Huwebes, Mayo 3, 2012

The Flipreads - Komikon 24-Hour Komixathon!!!

When: 12NN, 19 May 2012 to 12NN, 20 May 2012


To register: Send an email to